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Thrift Stores

A Salvation Army Thrift Store has become a standard retail operation in many communities across North America. These thrift stores have their origin in the directive given by our founder William Booth to “give to the poor”. In March 1963, the former telephone building at 76 Bastion Street was purchased to house a hostel, sleeping quarters for sailors on shore leave, a small apartment to accommodate a family to oversee the operation, and the first Salvation Army Thrift Store in Nanaimo. Throughout the decades, the locations and number of these thrift stores varied but the principle remained the same – quality at an affordable price for varied incomes. Items range from designer clothing, small household items, furniture and more. All stores provide the same pleasant shopping experience one would expect to find in a successful retail operation.

Our locations feature clothing, jewelry, housewares, tools, small appliances, auctions, and everything else you have come to expect from these well organized and beautiful stores.