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CRF Location
The Salvation Army Community Residential Facility (CRF) is situated on the third and fourth floors of the modern, four story Salvation Army’s New Hope Centre located in the heart of downtown Nanaimo. The CRF offers residentially based programming for up to four referrals from Correctional Services of Canada (CSC).

The CRF’s unique location provides easy access to many services and amenities that CRF residents must often refer to upon conditional release to the community.

Facility Structure
The Salvation Army is a CRF with private studio apartments equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, small appliances, and private washroom.

The New Hope Centre contains a smoking area, which is accessible to all clients on the fourth floor.

Admission Criteria
The CRF will consider referrals from Federal Correctional Institutions or Parole Offices on behalf of inmates scheduled for conditional release or offenders who have been conditionally released. In most cases, referrals are processed through the Nanaimo Screening Committee. In determining acceptance for residency, the committee considers factors such as: CRF contact, Case Management Support, Institutional Programming, Institutional Behaviour, Release Plans, Community Support, Community Programming and Parole Supervisor’s support.

The CRF also considers factors such as: an expressed desire to establish responsible community living and a willingness to cooperate with staff and residents within a residential setting and a demonstration of insight into problem areas and a desire to deal with them.

The CRF will not consider applications from applicants who have not successfully completed significant treatment-related programming, have a poor institutional record or in some cases have not initiated contact with the CRF representatives.

The CRF staff will provide each resident with a personal orientation to the CRF for all residents as soon as convenient after his arrival. Some residents will be temporarily restricted to the building by their community parole officer until they can be interviewed and orientation can be completed.

The orientation procedure includes:
• Explanation of Sign-in/Sign-out Requirements
• Issuance of room key
• Tour of the CRF and Fire & Safety Rules, Regulations and Emergency Exits
• Registration with Front Desk staff
• Discussion of curfews, sign-in/call-in procedures and check-ins with CRF staff

Residents are assigned a PDP worker upon their arrival to the CRF. All concerns and issues are to be directed to the assigned worker. In cases of emergency or unexpected need, all CRF staff will endeavour to be of assistance.