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We are pleased to include our latest location, The Furniture Store #14 – 4128 Mostar Road, in our Auction cycle. Please stay tuned for pictures coming soon of the Auction that is now up and running in conjunction with the Auctions at the Bowen Road Location and the North End Location or visit us to see just what is available.

These Auctions feature a collection of unique, interesting, antique and collectible items which have been donated. The items auctioned are sometimes new, but are more likely to be pieces which have been lovingly looked after until they came to us. As gently used items there may be some distress marks on them. We do ask that you look over each item you wish to bid on before the Auction ends, as there are, of course, no returns on any of these products.

In the past we have had collections of Native Art, Royal Doulton, Coca Cola, stamps, vintage house wares, vintage tools, Nascar, Belleek, Matchbox toys, Vintage Barbie’s and many, many other items too numerous to mention.

In order to bid you will need a bidder number. Please register for your free number at either Thrift Store or the Furniture Store – your bidder number will be accepted at any of our three locations.

This number is yours and not transferable, if you wish to have more than one person use the same number that information must be given at registration.

You will be asked to show your bidder number card when you place a bid and also if you are the highest bidder on an item before it is picked up. Our Auction Regulars are now taking a picture of their Auction Card so they have it with them at all times and don’t have to hunt for it if they want to place a bid.

The pictures online represent a small sample of each store’s Auction, please visit in store to view all the items up for bid.

Please note that the Auction rules MUST be followed and stamps may be collected on your Customer Appreciation Card for items won, but you may not use this card as part payment if you win an Auction item.

We hope that you enjoy bidding on your favourite item!

Thank you to all who support our Auctions! You are helping to make a difference in your Nanaimo Community!

Auction Rules

We wish everyone to enjoy our auction. Please read the auction rules below before bidding.
Good luck!


1. It is the bidder’s responsibility to view the item carefully before bidding.
2. All bids must be in increments of $1.00
3. You must be a registered bidder to bid.
4. You may not write your bid in our auction book, you may only initial your bid. Our cashiers will write your bid into the book and will initial the bid as well.
5. Any bid without a cashier’s initial will be considered invalid.
6. The day the auction ends, please do not block the counter or withhold the book from other bidders. Auctions end precisely at noon by our clock.
7. We will attempt to call you once to let you know you were a successful bidder. If we cannot reach you, or get an answering machine you will not be contacted again. It is then your responsibility to see if you were the winning bidder.
8. Successful bidders must pick up their item WITHIN 5 DAYS from the end of the auction. The last day for pickups is always the Friday after the auction ends. However, furniture items must be picked up the Tuesday following the Auction end.
9. Please note carefully: We do not ship or mail. Either you or a person authorized by you must pick up the item.
10. Applicable taxes will be charged to Auction items.

WARNING: If you win an auction and do not pick it up within the 5 days you will be removed as a bidder without further notice to you.